Friday, March 27, 2009

Double Digits

This year marks a HUGE birthday for Miss Mini #2. She's turning 10...I can hardly believe it and while happy for her to be in DOUBLE DIGITS finally, I can't believe she's ten already. I can remember being pregnant with her like it was yesterday.

I remember the broken rib, the sleepless nights afterward, the hell she gave me come time to deliver, the way I felt when I finally got her pushed out and they laid her on my tum so Ex Knight could cut her cord, her first steps (on Mother's Day 2000), her first nickname that didn't stick (Ranga...ask me about it there's a story there too), her getting stuck under the futon as a baby, eating her sister's rubber lizard and the list goes on and on. And now this...

She's ten years old and "it's the big one Mommy" so we're now preparing for what she hopes is "the best birthday EVER"...she's elated, I'm not. Oh how I wish I could rewind or freeze time. Sadly, this is the beginning of the two years she'll be out of Primary and in Young Women's, two years after that she'll be preparing for high school, 2 years after that I'll be teaching her to drive and 2 years after that she'll be 18 YEARS old...oh what I wouldn't give to have her be just 18 hours or days or weeks or months old again instead.

Months ago when talking about her birthday, she got this little gleam in her eye as she began dreaming of what this special day would look and feel like. Now we're just about a smidge over 12 hours my home will be invaded by little girls. At last count I believe we have 10 coming and 6 staying the night and I will be the only adult for miles. Yes by this time tomorrow I'll likely be psychotic.

After finally picking a theme, I put my graphic design knowledge to work making her "the BUH-EST invitation EVER" that's "way better than any store bought one"...picture to follow in separate thread after I recover from my impending psychosis, ordered the cake, gotten matching decor, distributed the invites, taken and made umpteen calls to paty plan and coordinate attendance, ordered special cookie cutters for a project, made who knows how many lists and that's just what I can REMEMBER we've done so far...we're now entering the final stretch and soon it'll be time to pull it altogether as I endeavor to ensure not only does she have "the BUH-EST" invite ever, but also "the BUH-EST" party ever too!

Double digits how time flies.

Here she was at 11 months old:

And here she is now as an adorable and sometimes challenging 10 year old:

Spring Spring it makes my heart sing!

Have you ever actually paid attention to the grass as it changes colors? I do...I can't help it. My own little spot on the map is now coming alive with all the grandeur of Spring and I love it. Blooms are coming out on the trees, the grass is getting greener and greener daily changing from a course almost hay like feel to a soft and luxurious feel you can't wait to run through barefoot (though for now you have to otherwise you're feet will be covered in mud).

The other day I was gazing out my sliding glass door just marveling at the magic of Spring, my favorite season, when a little bird decided to take a time out from flying right on my satellite dish. I went for the camera but found it a moment too late.

I do love Spring. I love to sit at my desk in the wee hours of the morning with the window slightly ajar and just LISTEN. In the stillness of the early morning I often hear the distant chirp of birds singing me their good mornings. It's a sound I look forward to all winter and when the first serenaded Spring morning occurs, I am completely happy.

I love everything about Spring...the warmer temperatures, the fragrant smell of the air, the green grass, the beauty of the trees and shrubbery. Ahhhhhhhhh Spring!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

All hail Heavenly Father!

My nephew has been located and is now safe at home with his mom where he belongs!

Please if you've seen this boy

Call Vancouver PD at (360) 487-7455

He name is Issiah Charles Pigeon and he has run away from his Vancouver Washington home some time late last night or early this morning. He may also be in the Greater Portland Metro area. His family is worried sick.

My nephew is 5'3 and about 110 pounds and only 12 years old. He has also indicated he's had thoughts of suicide...please if you've seen him, call the police his mommy misses him and his family want him home safe.