Monday, June 29, 2009

It's all because of Facebook

I love a lot of things about Facebook but especially how it puts people back into your lives you never thought you'd run into again! You know the people...the ones when you think about about life you have nothing but fond memories of them and wonder where they are and what they're doing. The same sort of people who you hope and pray you run into at your high school reunion and when you DO, you hang out with them ALL weekend, night, or whatever. Believe it or not, I've got a lot of people like this and it never fails, when I find myself thinking about them most, there's a friends request from them.

This is how it was for one of my oldest and dearest friends whom we'll call My Beautiful Blonde Boy (or B Cubed for short)...yes I said beautiful, blonde, and boy...and he is. B Cubed is as beautiful on the inside as he is on the outside. He's the kind of person that brings happiness to the lives of all those he touches simply by being him. He doesn't have to try, he doesn't have to work at it even...he is just simply BEAUTIFUL and is not just loved by all those who know him, he genuinely loves all of them too...well except maybe his Bosshole (sorry it's an inside joke and I'm not going to take the time to explain) and dentist.

I've known B Cubed for more years than he will let me admit to on a public forum and I've found myself wondering where he was and what he was doing over the years more than once. I can't celebrate my birthday without thinking of him and most of my fondest high school memories (ha ha ha now you get an idea of how long we've known each other) involve him. Thanks to Facebok, he was a lot easier to find than Waldo and every day I am thankful to have him back in my life.

B Cubed has been bringing a smile to my face for many many years. Now I get to be entertained by him on a daily basis...all I have to do is log into Facebook (which I already do anyway cuz I'm hopelessly's ok he is too so we meet there often) and he's there. I know that I can count on his status message for something so completely candid and point blank it is hilarious to the point of LITERALLY loling, complete with tears in my eyes and everything. And, when I need someone to attempt to explain to me WHY men do the things they do, he always does his best, yet freely admits that sometimes it's just because men suck...period. I'm so glad he gets that; you have NO idea. What's better is he's not offended at all when I tell him men are stupid...he's a man he already knows they certainly can be (and to be fair, so can women) but since he's not one of the stupid ones, it's all good.

When B Cubed isn't entertaining me with his cleverly worded status messages complete with typos and all, he's cracking me up with B Cubedisms....things like bosshole and random run by've heard of drive by shootings, but please if you would picture a random run by smacking....can you imagine the 911 call? Ha ha ha he keeps me laughing and it's one of many things I love about him.

I just love how Facebook brings people together and I'm so glad it brought My Beautiful Blonde Boy back into my life. It's wonderful beyond words to know that I can count on him to keep me entertained, to listen when I need an ear (well wait actually it's more like read when I need to type) to offer a prospective only HE can give, to remind me to treat myself better, and to inspire me to continually reach for the best. All these things make him the kinda guy EVERY girl should have around...he even cooks and cleans and is potty trained.

B Cubed my dear sweet friend, I love your guts man! Thanks for finding me..or wait did I find you? Awww who cares let's not split hairs...thanks for finding or being found and for all the love and joy you bring into my life. YOU ARE THE BEST my friend!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lions, Tigers and Bears Oh My!!!

Being some what of an indoor gal, I found a great compromise for my animal loving children and I...ZOO MEMBERSHIP! The way I do animals best (and even then the Zoo isn't my favorite place)! After going to the zoo on a field trip I researched the costs of taking my family...ONE zoo trip was around $50 dollars less than an entire YEAR of zoo trips so you can bet I bought the is called the "single parent family" membership and I can take all four of my Minis PLUS a guest each time.

Our first trip was a week ago and we were there for 5 hours plus or minus. They fed giraffes, beat on their chests like gorillas, dressed up like bugs, and called to the elephants (Mini 2's favorite animal). We rode the train, and the tram. Mini 4 pointed out "this ride is boring Mom we can walk faster than this" LOL and he's probably right!

We returned home hot, sweaty, and tired and it has taken me a week to recover...sadly I am no longer the spring chicken I used to be! At any rate, here are some of the 270 pictures I took.