Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring Spring it makes my heart sing!

Have you ever actually paid attention to the grass as it changes colors? I do...I can't help it. My own little spot on the map is now coming alive with all the grandeur of Spring and I love it. Blooms are coming out on the trees, the grass is getting greener and greener daily changing from a course almost hay like feel to a soft and luxurious feel you can't wait to run through barefoot (though for now you have to otherwise you're feet will be covered in mud).

The other day I was gazing out my sliding glass door just marveling at the magic of Spring, my favorite season, when a little bird decided to take a time out from flying right on my satellite dish. I went for the camera but found it a moment too late.

I do love Spring. I love to sit at my desk in the wee hours of the morning with the window slightly ajar and just LISTEN. In the stillness of the early morning I often hear the distant chirp of birds singing me their good mornings. It's a sound I look forward to all winter and when the first serenaded Spring morning occurs, I am completely happy.

I love everything about Spring...the warmer temperatures, the fragrant smell of the air, the green grass, the beauty of the trees and shrubbery. Ahhhhhhhhh Spring!

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