Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lions, Tigers and Bears Oh My!!!

Being some what of an indoor gal, I found a great compromise for my animal loving children and I...ZOO MEMBERSHIP! The way I do animals best (and even then the Zoo isn't my favorite place)! After going to the zoo on a field trip I researched the costs of taking my family...ONE zoo trip was around $50 dollars less than an entire YEAR of zoo trips so you can bet I bought the membership...it is called the "single parent family" membership and I can take all four of my Minis PLUS a guest each time.

Our first trip was a week ago and we were there for 5 hours plus or minus. They fed giraffes, beat on their chests like gorillas, dressed up like bugs, and called to the elephants (Mini 2's favorite animal). We rode the train, and the tram. Mini 4 pointed out "this ride is boring Mom we can walk faster than this" LOL and he's probably right!

We returned home hot, sweaty, and tired and it has taken me a week to recover...sadly I am no longer the spring chicken I used to be! At any rate, here are some of the 270 pictures I took.

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