Friday, January 9, 2009

Twokuhneeshin Stomach Cancer

Apparently this is a near fatal condition Mr. Man and Youngest Daughter cured me of last night. I had it bad. My heart stopped twice on the table and they had to cut me open to take the cancer out. It was touch and go for a minute....PHEW I'm so glad there's a qualified doctor who doubles as a surgeon in the family! Thankfully Mr. Man was able to "get it all out." Now I get to live....YAY ME!!!

That was the plot of last night's episode of "Doctor Makeover Clinic"...this made-up game I play with my youngest two children. I am always the patient. Sometimes a bad one, sometimes a great one. I've had every real disease you can imagine and several I've never heard of like "twokuhneeshin stomach cancer" (and no I'm not even sure if I'm spelling it right). Lucky for me they can cure me every time.

After I'm cured, they celebrate with me by pampering me. This time I let them take pictures...yes I'm even going to post them for your viewing pleasure. While Mr. Man is the doctor and Youngest Daughter his nurse, she is always the head beautician...she calls herself the head "makeup girl". Middle Daughter thinks the game is stupid but decided she wanted to do my hair this time and I was brave enough to let her put mascara on my lashes (she only poked my eye once...not bad). So if you ever need cured of a made up disease you can't pronounce let alone spell or need a makeover, I know people....

Aren't I beautiful...???

Here's a close up of my makeup...not bad for application by an 8 year old

And finally my new do.....

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Lynn said...

Thank goodness you have skilled medical personnel in your family! That sounds like one horrible disease to have. So glad you are cured...and all beautified to boot!