Friday, February 6, 2009

Defining Moment

"You should write a book!" I've heard many people say this many times and I'm pleased to report I've finally started writing again. Here is a taste, albeit a little raw, of the project I've just begun...

Lives are filled with defining moments; places in time when one is faced with a major decision, One that will alter one’s course forever. Those moments when one can say “my life has never been the same since...,” or “I don’t know where I would be had I not….” These defining moments sometimes occur by acts of one’s own volition and other times are simply a necessary response to the course of action taken by another. My defining moment came in response to the latter, actions taken by another. And so begins the story of my defining moment...

It was a frigid December afternoon in Colorado when the detective showed up unannounced. Having a somewhat wayward child, I assumed his presence was related to her bad behavior. When he flashed his badge I asked “what has she done now?” To my immediate horror, he informed me that it wasn’t the wayward child who brought him to my door, but an abusive soon-to-be ex husband instead. Oh no, my carefully guarded secret had gotten out and I could no longer hide the tragic fact that my children and I had been abused.

"Come on in," I stammered inviting him in. My stomach dropped to my toes, my heart began to race like an Indy car and the tears flowed down my face likely resembling a miniature version of Niagara Falls. This secret was what caused me to end my marriage; I never knew it would also begin my life.

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