Saturday, May 30, 2009

The things we do for love

Today was a rough day for my son...Toader looked like it was croaking and NOT the way you would expect a toad to appeared to my expert eye that he was dying. My poor son was CRUSHED....big ole' alligator tears falling down his cheeks and his wee lil heart breaking right in front of me. Then it came...a prompting to find the cricket receipt from yesterday and have him call PetSmart and see if Bob, the ToadMaster, was in...guess what, he was!

We race Toader off to see the ToadMaster and sadly I fear the news isn't great...and then who should walk into the very same store but one of their OWN Vets (she's the EXPERT expert) off duty. Bob informs me later, after she's given Toader a complimentary exam, that the OTHER Vet knows dogs and cats and stuff and that's about it...THIS Vet, the one who examined Toader, knows about "exotic" animals and Bob said if she said Toader is just bloated and gassy well then it's probably just that and he'll be fine. YAY!!!! Baby Boy's broken heart mended, at least for the time being anyway.

As if all this drama with Toader wasn't enough, my girls come chirping in my ear "oh please Mommy can we get a fish today please please please?" I begrudgingly agree and Jack and Bubby, the beta fishes, have joined our family. And, YES they have separate bowls.

Depending on the time of day, I now dwell with 3 monkies (who sometimes are often pigs and elephants too), two fish, a dozen or so crickets, and one bloated toad. Did I mention I don't even LIKE animals?!?!?

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