Friday, August 28, 2009

When judgement goes East

at an intersection, when someone else has the right of way, this is what you get:

On our way home from church this last Sunday another driver whipped a left in front of me turning East onto the side street and I slammed right into her. The light turned yellow after I had already crossed into the intersection and she was cited for failing to yield. Don't make a left on a yellow people, I mean really.

The kids were in the car, but none of us sustained any major injuries. The girls and I have whiplash, I have a gnarly looking bruise about 6 inches long on my boob from my seat belt, chest contusions, blunt force trauma to my chest, I can't hold my head up for too long without it hurting, breathing hurts, sitting up hurts, pretty much moving hurts, I've had a headache since the accident and I'm scared to drive, but at least I'm alive to blog this story.

Moral of the where you need to be is so important that having to wait 5 more minutes (at most) for another green light will kill you. Accidents like this however, could if you're not careful.

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