Saturday, September 26, 2009

Morbid beauty

Yesterday I accompanied a handful of other parents on what must be the strangest field trip EVER. Mini 2 and the the 5th graders in her school went to a cemetery. Yes, you read correctly. I did say we took a field trip to the cemetery. At first it was kind of creepy but I guess there are some notables buried there and that would have made it "fun", but the rain prevented us from checking out them out.

Here are some of the pictures I took:

The angel on this headstone is made with so much detail her skirt almost looks like it's real fabric.

I forget what the world is called but this is one of my favorite shrines.

The Gerrard's final resting place...have no idea who they are I just liked this building.

We all thought this looks lice ice and think it might glow at night.

"Bless the Master Mason's who give us heritage." ~ I took this photo because of my connection to the Fraternal Order of Masons.

Another of my favorite grave markers.

One of I think 15 lakes on the 400 acres that comprise the "developed" portion of the cemetery.

One of very few red granite headstones.

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