Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Kids say the most amazing things

One of the most difficult parts of single parenting is having ALL the responsibility of both mom and dad draped beautifully across my shoulders and often weighing down my back.

Though Ex Knight has been ordered to do his part financially, there's no telling if monies are coming, let alone when and how much so now I find myself trying to balance the traditional roles of the dad, along with my preferred role as the mom. You know, bring home the bacon AND fry it up in a pan...

It's tough. More days than not go by with a long list of stuff undone, often coupled with my own inferiority complex. I know, my name is not Linda Carter and I didn't make the role of Wonder Women famous, but now find myself trying to balance it all...I don't have a choice really. I have to learn how to be Wonder Woman.

Money only matters when you don't have enough...seriously. So, it matters a LOT in my life right now. My mind is almost always busy thinking of ways to increase my income without risking Ex Knight finding me (trust me if he does it won't be pretty) and how I can balance my mom duties with my dad obligations to support my family.

Apparently I'm failing miserably at the mom part because tonight my son says "For my birthday Mommy I just want you to play with me," and then the tears began streaming down his face.

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