Friday, November 28, 2008

His was a chronic condition

Once upon a time a beautiful young woman was visited by a charming lad. Soon the lad presented the young woman with a ring and a question. The young woman, overjoyed and excited, said yes and the two became engaged. Almost immediately, the young woman discovered the charming lad suffered from a most chronic and SEVERE case of a dreadful condition.

You see, the charming lad suffers from a horrendous condition of yeahbut. Surely you are familiar with this condition. It's likely that everyone you know has been afflicted by it in varying degrees throughout their lives. Rumor has it that this condition is more prevalent in society than the common cold. It is at least ten times easier to catch and five times as difficult to recover from. The only known cure can be found in forsaking certain things and embracing others...often this is extremely difficult for people to do hence curing the condition is often impossible in many cases. Charming lad's case was one such as this.

In fact, his was the absolute worst case the young woman has ever seen. She noticed the symptoms early and spoke to him about it. You can imagine what his response was...yeah but. She thought that perhaps this condition only afflicted areas in which the charming lad had not gained a complete understanding. Unfortunately, it seemed to be prevalent in every area, seemingly permeating the charming lad to the core.

The young woman told the charming lad about a letter she found from the 1st Presidency...his reply was yeah but. She reminded the charming lad about the counsel that has been given repeatedly regarding R-rated movies, again he said yeah but. The charming lad sent pictures to the young woman and she had to remind him again that such images were not in harmony with gospel teachings and again he responded with yeah but. The young woman shared her feelings regarding the charming lad's profile and again he came back with yeah but. He even had a yeah but response concerning the holy garment he that he would soon be wearing. Eventually the young woman couldn't handle it any longer.

A wise friend of the young woman's reminded her that a team of ox will continue to move forward even if one of them is moving at a slower rate of speed. This wise friend also pointed out that if one of the team decides to lay down in the field, the other only has two choices. Be stuck, or break the yoke. The young woman found this explanation very helpful and she began to ponder the message shared by the wise friend.

The young woman had been reluctant to call the engagement off for a variety of reasons. She loved the charming lad and couldn't help but think once he sojourned to the holy house of the Lord he'd gain a greater understanding. She did her absolute best to be patient and support her charming lad, hoping he would bridge the gap between their degrees of spirituality. There was just one problem...

Charming lad decided it was more advantageous to sit in the field. His chronic condition continued to infect his body, mind and soul and every time the young woman spoke his reply was always yeah but. Soon the young woman began to have some doubts and again she began to ponder.

The young woman now had to decide if she was willing to trust charming lad's condition would be reserved for the little things. Given he seemed afflicted with this condition on something as holy and sacred as wearing of the garment (a rather BIG thing in the young woman's opinion), the young woman decided she had better not take chances. If she allowed her mind to run away with itself she could envision her charming lad and her conversing about bigger things like family prayer, scripture study, church attendance, keeping the Sabbath and numerous other subjects. The young woman feared she'd say something like "Charming lad it's time for us to do family scripture study" and his response would be "yeah but I'm busy" or tired or not ready or other similar and assorted remarks.

You know from a previous post that this young woman had already spent way too many years with Ex Knight and she wasn't willing to make some of those past mistakes over again. Did she love her charming lad, but of course. Did she think she and her charming lad could be wonderful together...absolutely. The problem was she also believed that her and Ex Knight could be wonderful together too. She had fallen in love with the concept, what could be versus what actually was and she promised to never do that again.

Charming lad's condition was so unpleasant and awful the young woman was unable to deal with the the affliction any longer. When he refused to do anything to recover from his condition, the young woman called the engagement off. When the young woman contacted her charming lad to verify his address so she could send back the ring, he, much to the young woman's surprise, didn't even respond with yeah but. In fact, the charming lad made no attempt to convince the young woman he was seeking treatment for his condition. He gave the young woman no hope that it could or would be any other way. Days after calling off the engagement, the young woman was shocked to find that her charming lad had been acting in ways inappropriate for a betrothed person for quite some time and she was relieved to have found this information sooner than later.

So now the young woman is again single but she continues to be happy and full of hope and cheer. She has learned some very valuable lessons from her past and is thankful that she's been given the wisdom and courage not to make those same mistakes again. The young woman knows the gospel is true, she knows that families are an essential part of the plan and she is confident that God will send the one exactly right for her when He is ready for her to have him. Her experiences with her charming lad have helped her more carefully examine the things she desires from or in Mr. Exactly Right and she has discussed the modifications with her Father. She is faithful and will rely on Him to provide.

The young woman cautions readers to be very careful of the yeah but ox. Theirs is a very dangerous breed.

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