Thursday, November 20, 2008

My first official blog...

Well here we are...thanks to the inspiration of Mrs. OSV, not to be confused with an SUV, and the suggestion of one of my favoritest gal pals, who I'll now call Friendly Singer, I've given birth to the Masked Marauder blog.

I'm NOT exactly new to the spoken or written, well typed actually, word. I have quite the gift for gab...just ask Friendly Singer's mate how many times he's heard us go through more or less the entire dictionary and I type CRAZY fast it's scary my children say. I am however, brand spankin...oh wait no I don't want a spankin. Anywho, wait that's a people locator right? So yeah, I'm new to this whole blog thing ...please bare with me. Errybawdy seemztuh be doin' it though, soz I figure it's prolly my turn to bite the bullet, and catch the wave while I jump on the band wagon and do the dew!

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