Sunday, May 3, 2009

If ever a perfect day existed...

yesterday was it! It marked the anniversary of something pretty significant in my life (yes I know so of you may be curious but it doesn't matter so curious you must remain) and normally this day comes and goes every year with a lot of disappointment. That is until now at least....

It all began at shortly after Midnight on Friday night, which actually is really Saturday morning now that I think about it. Someone's extremely thoughtful gesture made me cry both happy and sad tears and then I began to ponder over the recent events of my life and that made me cry some more sad tears. Why...well because I was just feeling sorry for myself....Ex Knight lost something he didn't care even care about (me and the kids) while we've lost EVERYTHING more or less everything (both big and small things) and my mind was consumed over a few of the biggest losses and the tears just kept steady streaming.

Then I did what the donkey did in one of my favorite motivational stories and I shook it off and stepped up determining that yesterday would be great no matter what it took...and oh my gosh was I completely NOT prepared for this determination to come to fruition...if ever a perfect day existed, yesterday was it.

Several loved ones who remembered what a significant day yesterday is for my family called or emailed warm thoughts and then I purchased my family a vehicle yesterday too. See told you it is turning around nicely isn't it...???

After not having had wheels of my own for more than a year and living in a location without reliable or frequent public transit, this new car was like chocolate manna from heaven almost! Anyway so yeah I take possession of my new car (yes I'll send pictures later...his name is Jazz) around noon...and that's when my determination to have a GREAT day really payed off.

Wait let me remind a smidge....before Jazz came to live with us, the mail lady brought some WONDERFUL information to my mailbox and my mood was steady was getting pretty dang good and I KNEW great was on the horizon. So now, after running some errands we were able to take in a film...GO SEE THE SOLOIST PEOPLE (who knew Jamie Fox could be a Rainman of sorts)....seriously it was PHENOMENAL. Digressing yeah we ran some errands, did some shopping, and then hit the theater and tootled around some more just because we could.

We had lunch out and I decided we'd do the unthinkable and eat ice cream cake for a very late dinner; it was BLISS! I'm sure my children must have thought "what on Earth has come over Mom she doesn't even let us eat dessert without REAL food first let alone eating dessert for dinner...." ha ha ha. Since we were celebrating in grand style, my children decided to perform for me and even got the oldest of the Minis in on the was absolutely incredible!

We return to our humble abode for the night at like, given I'd pulled an all-nighter (adrenaline is not always a good thing I assure you) you would THINK I'd have fallen down dead asleep but nope....I was so high on life (wait maybe it was just the sugar from my dinner) the kids and I settled in to watch one of our FAVORITE family movies....Enchanted. Man I love that movie.

We've seen it so many times we have the lines to just about EVERY characer memorized and yes all the songs too...tonight's viewing was the best we've ever had. Using whatever we could find to dub as a mic (anyone know where we can get echo/toy mics...we need 5), we danced around the living room singing each song at the top of our lungs (badly too I might add) and laughed and laughed and laughed. We watched our favorite parts over and over and over....(apple, oh no thank you, it's good, oh ok....chokes grabs throat and croaks.....LOVE that part). As the day came to an official end, we closed it with a pillow fight and hugs and kisses!

I heard somewhere once something about life isn't measured by the breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away and yesterday was full of moments such as these and I am so grateful.


Laura said...

I am so happy for you! Thanks so much for sharing you joy!

Lynn said...

I am so very happy for you and the kiddos!

As for the echo mic...I got Miss M one for a buck at a dollar store.