Friday, May 15, 2009

Round is no longer a shape I enjoy being

I'm honestly not one of those people that has ever obsessed about the freshman 15, sophomore 20 or whatever. I didn't get depressed when I had babies and didn't spring back into my my pre-pregnant shape immediately after pushing the kid out, nor did I much worry about the weight I gained in my marriage....I mean seriously who cares...round is a shape, therefore I'm in shape right....

Until NOW....I'm getting rounder and rounder by the second it seems. I've recently become painfully aware of how much my sedentary lifestyle is not always a good thing...I guess having a chocolate-raspberry bliss addiction and working in front of your computer isn't always a good combination....who knew chocolate makes you fat....maybe that explains it.

Actually, inactivity makes you fat and most days the most active thing about me is my fingers and my brain....hmmmmm I wonder how many calories typing as fast as I do burns.... I've decided I need to shed some many I'm not sure. I'm not even obsessing about it...I just figure if I get a little more activity in my routine maybe I can lose enough to feel comfortable in my clothes again and stop having to buy bigger ones sigh.

In my lil spot there's a FANTABULOUS park....I mean really it is simply has a one mile walking trail and increments are marked at the quarter. It's a concrete path and this time of year it's an amazing journey....painful but amazing. Tuesday marked my first I may be able to take another (I spent Wed recovering and yesterday bike riding...I much prefer walking lol). I noticed with the first walk how much I REALLY wished I'd have had some convenient way to carry a water bottle....check out what I found at Wal-Mart for less than TEN dollars!!!

I'm sure it's SUPPOSED to be a fanny back but when your fanny is as big as mine has gotten it is more like a belly bag....either way, It has room for not ONE but TWO 20 ounce plastic water bottles (which cuz they're refillable is a little more environmentally friendly) plus convenient pouches to hold your camera, id, keys, money, whatever else you need with you on your walk. The only thing I'd like about it more is if it were purple instead of blue, but blue is becoming a favorite color too. You know you want one, so scoot on over to Wal-Mart and get yours today!

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