Monday, May 18, 2009

Sometimes even Mommy needs a time out

If you're reading this blog or lucky enough to be a friend on one of those social networking sites that we're all addicted to, then you know that I've recently had the opportunity to attend a women's conference called Time Out For Women. Yes ladies and gentlemen (John you are reading this right?!?!?) even Mommies need a time out now and again.

I've been wanting to attend this retreat for more than a year but it wasn't close enough until this last weekend. Single parenting is often more difficult than people give it credit for and I was about 45 minutes late to the opening night (dang Gloria what did I miss...I shudder to think) but what I DID get was so incredible it'd be a crime not to share it with you all. Wait crime is the wrong word...not a crime I mean let's face it I'm not gonna be arrested for "failure to blog" or "refusing to share" but it MIGHT border on being a sin so let's not take goes.

I came in on the tale end of Sister Nelson's talk (her first two names escape me and I'm not going to take the time to look it up right now sorry...readers can post a comment with the missing information if they like...) and what I caught was this...take 1 question to the scriptures a day for 30 days and see if it doesn't change your life. And, yes of course, she encouraged us to keep a journal of the experience. Hmm I wonder if blogging counts as journaling and if so these people need to get with the times and call it what it is...BLOGGING. Oh wait I still journal TOO so nevermind...

So yeah she says that God will give us what we need, we simply need to go to Him and ask. I wonder what question I'll ask today...what question will you ask? I'd love to read them (this requires you leave a comment with your question...yes I'm fishing for all my readers to become commenters - is that even a word -...are you taking the bait?) and see what's on your heart and mind.

Then, after Sister Nelson spoke, I was blown away by the amazing violin talent of Jenny Oaks Baker. I LOVE violin...I used to play it when I was in third grade...not very well though...I remember my family's reactions when I'd practice. Oh well we can't be good at everything right and at least I tried though...certainly that has gotta account for something even if only an E for effort!!!!! Jenny plays BEYOND well and all the stress of getting kids all the places they needed to be, driving roads I've never traveled, being late, anxiety over finding the crew I was hanging out with and etc were erased from my spirit by about the 5th note...I didn't count but her violin soothed my restless soul that's for sure.

During the intermission, my good buddy we'll call M Squared came up to me and sang music to my ears...."we saved you a spot and we're like about 8 rows back or so" ok no that's not EXACTLY what she said so it didn't really need the quotes but we'll pretend (hey if Hilary can pretend I can too right?). So, I introduce myself to my new buddy Kris Belcher and her good buddy introduces himself to me so now me and Kim Nelson are good buddies too. Oh wait did I forget to tell you that these people are all famous in our LDS community...accomplished authors, musicians, etc. Sort of like LDS celebrities I guess. So I explain to Kris that I'm good friends with Oliva, the girl with red lipstick, who met Hilary Weeks (the Faith Hill of LDS Music I think) at Costco and Kris offers to introduce me....when she does, Hilary sweetly states "oh great now I'm really being stalked."...ha ha ha I LOVE her already! Music and humor what more could a person want right...

So I pose for a not so great picture of me and complete great picture of Hilary, taken by Kim and it's time to sit down for the rest of the show. Sheri Dew...head cheese at Deseret Book is the keynote speaker...I've read one of her books...but beyond that didn't know her from Adam or Martha for that matter. She's funny...oh man I like that lady too! Her and Sister Something Something Nelson (Elder Nelson's wife) were a hoot on stage together...they were talking about destiny sort of. Sheri said something about how the Lord knows precisely what we need to fulfill our mission. He knows who we are, He knows where we are, and He knows what we need. I guess I missed Sister SS Nelson's statement about having a pre-mortal "To-Do" list. And then Sheri showed a slide with a quote...brace yourself, this is powerful....

"We have the responsibility to serve as though the entire future of the church depends upon you or upon me." by yup you guessed it T.S. Monson my favorite General Authority...what pray tell you ask is he the authority of...well, as the only living Prophet on the Earth today - EVERYTHING. We don't have to agree if he's a prophet or not, we really don't, because I know he is and this is my blog so what I say on my blog goes....laugh I'm trying to keep it light cuz my intention is NOT to preach...I'll save that for another time and location.

And now back to the story...Sheri offered a solution to prevent Satan from disrupting our mission (remember pre-mortal to do list...I bet laundry was on mine). She said it's critical we realize who we are and what it means to be here at this time. Sorry John but the fate of the world rests on the shoulders of women. We are POWERFUL and we have GREAT influence...Sheri said "do you think Heavenly Father would risk the outcome of the world by sending in some mamby pamby women?" Ha ha ha no...I testify to you I KNOW that I've been sent to this earth at this time because I'm among the most valiant and noble of all the souls of heaven...are you convinced? I'm not either but I'm trying to be because it's know what they say about saving the best for last....

Additionally, she says to combat Satan's ability to influence our mission we need to come to find out what the Savior REALLY did for us and lastly learn to hear the voice of the Spirit. She says we should pray for the Lord to teach us.

Let's examine that....I've been taught a lot of things by a lot of people. Some of them I've asked someone to teach me, others I've learned from by simple observation and other things I've taught myself or learned by trial and error but NEVER (at least not that I can recall) have I ever asked God to TEACH me...I've asked him to help me learn...but I'm not feeling like that's the same thing. To be humble is to be teachable right...why NOT ask God to teach you...I'll be doing that more often...I hope you will too.

Later S. Michael Wilcox said everything good in his life came from a woman...SEE John, we ROCK!!! Of course though, seeings how you love and adore the women in your life (myself included), I know YOU know that! Too bad more men in this world didn't...digressing sorry.

S Michael Wilcox said obedience is not perfection, obedience is trying. Say it aloud a few times...obedience is NOT perfection, obedience is trying. WOW you mean I don't have to be perfect to be about relieving the pressure sheesh. Emily Watts says our outer appearance is often a sign of our inner commitment (separate blog about Emily coming later she was one of my favorites). She also said it's important we learn to react on a principle not an emotion....there you go guys...the secret to us emotional women just revealed. We react to the EMOTION not the principle. It's not what you DO, it's what we FEEL about what you did.

Kim Nelson and his doily clad table with plastic grapes (yes he gets his own post too) taught that it's important we remove the garbage colored glasses and see ourselves as God does. Kris Belcher (remember she has super powers) was our concluding speaker and she told us her story and MAN what a story....she said we must give our will to Heavenly Father so He can do more with it than we ever could. Hmmm...I'm VERY willfully independent...with this statement I began thinking maybe it's time I become WILLfully dependent on my Lord. Told you, Kris got SUPER powers!

She also said when people say how God will never give you more than you can handle it's a complete lie...when I first heard this I was like WHAT how dare you be so blasphemous I've got the scripture to prove it's TRUE...and then she qualified it. God will never give us more than we can handle with Jesus at our side...that's called grace. WOW think about that for a minute....maybe the reason we feel overwhelmed and unqualfied is simply because we miss one key component of this concept....the "with Jesus" part.

There is SOOOOOOOO much more I could share but isn't this entry long and nod because you KNOW you agree! So, here's what I'll do...once I can get my notes transcribed, I'll post them as a PDF for you to use as you will, but please don't use it to line your bird cages - that's just rude! When I post my notes, I will also include more information about Kim, Kris, Michael, Sheri, SS Nelson, and Emily (hope I didn't leave anyone out)...they were just as powerful as Jenny and Hilary and deserve the same props, but there's only so much one blog entry can contain.

So see...sometimes even Mommy needs a time out...I wonder when I put my children in time out if they have as much to think about as I do after having put myself in one?


Hilary Weeks said...

Hello Faith! What a great blog about TOFW in Cincinnati! You didn't miss a single detail - and you're a very creative writer. It was really fun to read. Thanks for opening your heart to the experiences and feelings of that day. And thanks for the kind words about my music!

Long live waterproof adhesive!

Love, Hilary Weeks

Who am I... said...

I got this on Facebook regarding this blog: Natalie Wynne Gray I really enjoyed your blog Faith :-) I am thrilled for you that the retreat you went to has touched your soul & started a journey of self-examination. I could not figure out where to leave a comment on the blog so I am leaving it here :-) ♥♥♥♥